AlwaysOnPC for Android

Basic commands
Keyboard - Open software keyboard

Load files from device
Load files from device- Allows you to upload/download files from yourAndroid device to your AlwaysOnPC virtual PC

Command keys
Command keys Tap to activate, then tap desired key on keyboard. Tip: Tap Command key again to de-activate.
Examples: Ctrl c = copy;
Ctrl v = Paste

Fn = opens function keys F1 - F12

Multi-finger touch and navigation

Changing Windows and Viewing Desktop
Drag or Resize Objects: Double-tap-swipeView with Function keys (F1-12)

Right-click/menu:  2-finger tap
Zoom re-set = 3 finger tap: (Not available on all devices)

Input Mode: Touch, or Mouse:
Change mode = Touch-Mode = Mouse Mode
Mouse-mode enables precise mouse movements, hover,
and easier rightclick and move/dragging of items.
Swipe anywhere = Arrow cursor moves in unison (screen
will pan automatically as needed)
Tap (anywhere) = 'click' occurs where the cursor is

Scroll in Mouse-Mode:Scroll in Mouse-Mode

Screenshot HD Tablet edition:

Screenshot Phone edition:

More tips:

Double-Tap = Select a word/item
3-taps = Select sentence
Shift-tap = extends selection (like shift-click)
Droid/2 users can scroll using arrow keys


To open Options/settings, tap the Android Menu button from the AlwaysOnPC Login Page (You may need to Exit the application to the
using the Android Back button).
• Colors/Speed: 1000's colors = slower response; 100's colors = faster response; Automatic= chooses 100's for 3G, and 1000s for Wifi
• Rotation Lock
• Cursor momentum (Used in mouse-mode only)