Run Google Chrome with Java & Flash on iPad, iPhone or Android Devices

Access Chrome on iPad with Web Store, Flash Games & more
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In addition to its great apps and features like Open Office and Firefox, AlwaysOnPC now includes a new browsing option: the Google Chrome Browser. Now you can run Chrome from iPad, iPhone or Android devices. What is Chrome you ask? Chrome is a speedy new browser from Google with some fantastic benefits for AlwaysOnPC users.

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How can you run Chrome on an iPad, iPhone or Android device?
Our app uses the power of “Cloud Computing”. When you get our app, you also get your own virtual computer running in our secure hosting facility. Its just like having an extra PC inside your phone or iPad that you can use to browse the Web, edit office docs, etc. We've adapted the touchscreen interface on your smartphone/tablet to work with Chrome so you can browse using tabs, bookmarks, remembered passwords, the Chrome Web Store, and more.

Is it secure?
Yes! In fact, it's probably a lot more secure than software or browsers that run “natively” on your iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet. All connections are encrypted between the app and the server where the virtual computer and applications such as Office or Chrome are running. No documents, browsing history, cache of pages or content, bookmarks, or passwords are ever stored on your device (Note: There is an optional “remember password” feature on the account login screen).

What's the “browser sync” feature and what's so great about it?
If you're like a lot of people, you Bookmark the web pages you visit to make it easier to find the next time you are browsing. Having these bookmarks available on your mobile device would be really useful right? (Especially since typing on a phone or touchscreen can be tiresome!) Well now with Chrome or Firefox, you can synchronize bookmarks with your home or work computer – Voila! You are instantly productive. But wait, there's more: Browsers also can also remember other things like what tabs are open, your browsing history (to find stuff you forgot to bookmark ;-), even your passwords. Google's Chrome browser lets you “synchronize” all those settings and data when you use Chrome on different computers. The result? You can browse more, and type less.

What is the Google Web Store?
The Google Web Store is a marketplace where you can find web apps that run inside the Chrome Browser – similar to the Appstore or Android Market.

What will happen to Firefox?
Don’t worry, we will continue to support Firefox on AlwaysOnPC. We have found, though, that some games we had problems with under some versions of Firefox (like Evony, Club Penguin, and some professional/ forms-based sites) now work great on Chrome.