How to use AlwaysOnPC on your PC or Mac & Load Files

AlwaysOnPC provides a Java-based Client Access Software that can be used from any PC or Mac. It’s included free with our Mobile applications, you can use this feature for doing one-time setup procedures like installing FireFox add-ons like xMarks, setting up email -- on your nice, big PC/Mac monitor and keyboard, and for uploading and downloading files you want to access later from your mobile smartphone/tablet. Here’s how to use the PC/Mac software:

  1. After you register and subscribe, sign in clicking the Login link at the top of the page
  2. Click the “Connect” button

      Tip: You can Right-click and download the AlwaysOnPC Java applet to your computer desktop for convenient one-click access. This will avoid having to come to the website and login each time.

  3. The Java applet will open. You may see
  4. Enter your login info (again) in two steps (same Username and Password credentials as used to login on the website) and your Virtual PC will open in a new window

File Transfer instructions:

Here’s a video on up/down-loading files:

Other Recommended Setup

  1. Customize FireFox: we recommend xMarks Addon for sync’ing bookmarks & passwords
  2. Setup Dropbox: Dropbox is an online file backup and sync service ‘magically’ synchronizes your new/changed files from your PC/Mac to/from your AlwaysOnPC. (With Dropbox installed, you won’t have to manually upload/download files in the procedure described above). Just double-click the icon and login, or click the Register button to get an account – it’s free for up to 2 Gb of storage!
  3. Setup Thunderbird email (Note – you won’t need this if you prefer to use Webmail)

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