AlwaysOnPC Guide for iPad & iPhone:

Keyboard: Tap keyboard icon on top left of control bar
Right-click/menu:  2-finger tap
Select text: Double-tap, swipe
Drag or Resize Objects: Double-tap-swipeView with Function keys (F1-12)

Zoom re-set = 3 finger tap: (Not available on all devices)
Changing Windows and Viewing Desktop

Desktop and Control toolbar:

AlwaysOnPC Desktop Screenshot & Instructions for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
Tip: If the Control toolbar is not visible, you can display it again by using a three (3) finger swipe downward.

Advanced features:

“Mouse” (Non-touchscreen) Mode
“Mouse” (Non-touchscreen) Mode

This enables precise mouse movements like when you need to 'hover' the arrow/cursor over to see popups, or to precisely right-click, select text or move/drag items. Switch in/out of “Mouse mode” by tapping the Icon on the Task Bar.

Swipe *anywhere* on the screen and the arrow cursor moves in unison with your finger. The screen will pan as needed as the arrow moves. Tap anywhere, and the click occurs where the arrow cursor is. Tap-tap drag will select. (Note that the control bar is put into "semi-transparent" view while in mouse mode, but still works the same way.)

Show/hide Control bar: 3 finger swipe >> Down = open/show; Up = close/hide
Show/hide Control bar: 3 finger swipe >> Down = open/show; Up = close/hide

Swipe three fingers down (Show) or up (hide) the Control bar

Task switcher (like Alt-Tab)
Task switcher (like Alt-Tab)

Horizontal swipe with three fingers displays the “Task Switcher”. Swipe again to move to next item. Tap to select the item you want to switch to. You can also use the Taskbar at the bottom of the AlwaysOnPC screen, and tap the app you want to bring to the top.

More tips:

Double-Tap = Select a word/item
3-taps = Select sentence
Shift-tap = extends selection (like shift-click)


iPad Settings

Most settings are self-explanatory – try them out and see what you like best.
Change a setting by tapping to toggle it On/Off, then tap the Settings icon again on the Control Bar to return to the AlwaysOnPC screen (Settings are saved automatically).