View AlwaysOnPC Cloud Apps On your HDTV via Apple-TV Dual-screen Experience

Now you can view your AlwaysOnPC in "dual-screen" mode: full HD on your HDTV via Apple TV


This new experience is now in Beta on AlwaysOnPC. 

Better than "Mirroring"

When you combine an iPad or iPhone with Apple TV, you can display your iPad/iPHone content on the TV attached to your Apple TV. But it gets better: AlwaysOnPC uses Apple TV AirPlay like an 'external display', with the Full HD screen (you don't see 'black bars' on either side). This frees up your iPad or iPhone to be used as keyboard and touchpad to control the apps on your AlwaysOnPC. Powerful!

Share content easily

Whether for business or personal use, this new dual-screen feature makes it easy to share stuff with everyone around you via your big, beautiful HDTV display. Use OpenOffice (or LIbreOffice) to View and Display your Powerpoints, PDFs, Spreadsheets and more in a business meetings. Or, share a video from Facebook, or any Flash Video site with your family or friends onthe big HDTV display.

How to activate: 

This feature is currently limited to our iOS versions of AlwaysOnPC App (iPad and iPhone). 

Download our apps here:

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