More About AlwaysOnPC

When you register for AlwaysOnPC, you get your own “virtual computer”, complete with your own file storage, applications, and personalizable desktop. This computer is ‘hosted’ on our servers in a secure, reliable data center. To access your AlwaysOnPC you simply need to get the AlwaysOnPC access software on the device/platform you are using, such as iPad, iPhone, Android, or a PC/Mac.

About AlwaysOnPC

Apps and Features

AlwaysOnPC gives you over 40 apps you can use from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. Here are a few examples:

Browse with Google Chrome, or Firefox with Flash AND Java support. Many websites don't work on iPad, iPhone, or even on Android because of Flash, Java or similar website features that rely on “PC-class” browsers. Now you can use those same browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox right from your iPad, iPhone or Android device. For example:

Open Office Suite from your iPad, iPhone or Android device: Edit and save Word, Excel, & Powerpoint files from your iPhone/iTouch, Android phone, or iPad. These aren’t ‘lite’ versions – you get ALL the Open Office features like: cut/copy and paste content or insert images or charts, and use 'mouse mode' to refine sizing and layout, run macros, create or fill in forms, etc. 

Compete PDF Reader: You may have noticed you can view PDFs on iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire HD / HDX, but you cannot use many of the annotation, editing, or markup features, or fill in and save forms. Now with AlwaysOnPC you can!

Access to Storage: 

2GB storage included. Easily load files from your PC or Mac to your AlwaysOnPC and access them *anytime* from your iPhone.

Dropbox Online storage / Backup file access: If you’re one of the millions of people using an online storage/backup service for your PC/Mac documents, you can probably use it to access docs from your smartphone or iPad using AlwaysOnPC! For example, we provide the Dropbox™ client software pre-installed & ready to use. Simply double-click the link on the desktop to launch the application. If you are already a Dropbox user, just login and your files are sync'ed in moments! If you are not already registered, click the “Register/Get an Account” link and follow the instructions to sign up (it’s free for up to 2Gb of storage!) Most other online storage services can be accessed using their web portals.

Leave your Laptop at home:

AlwaysOnPC provides you a real PC, you can leave your laptop at home. You can do all the powerful features you probably don't miss –until you leave with just your smartphone. Here are a few examples:

How to Get Started:

There are several ways you can get started with AlwaysOnPC.

Get AlwaysOnPC directly on your mobile device from the Appstore/marketplace for your device:

iPad: Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition    iPhone: Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition   Android:    Kindle Fire: 


You can also try AlwaysOnPC on your PC or Mac. Click to register for an account. Once registered you can Login and access the “Connect” button which will launch our Java VNC software, and you can login. Your new AlwaysOnPC will open in a window on your computer. You’ll have five days to try it for free, take it for a test drive, upload files, setup email or Dropbox folders, and try all the apps. When you’re ready, you can subscribe by clicking the “Upgrade” button, or buy an AlwaysOnPC mobile application – it’s that easy!

How it works: Your Very Own Reliable, Efficient Virtual Computer

When you register for AlwaysOnPC, you get your own “virtual computer”, complete with your own hard disk space, applications, and personalizable desktop. This computer is ‘hosted’ on our servers in a secure, reliable data center.

The access software works similar to “Remote- Access / Desktop” applications (like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, Mocha, and others). However, instead of needing to keep another computer (such as a home or office PC) on all the time, install and configure software and poke holes in your firewalls, you are connecting to your AlwaysOnPC which is always there and ready to use.

List of apps in AlwaysOnPC:

Here are some more example of AlwaysOnPC in use on various devices:



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